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AuVi - Hub

Build Status

This is the EAA (Extra Academic Activity) by Markus Becker

You can have a look at the built documentation here.

My Project Manager is Dr. Ronald Eixmann I need to mention my ex-co-worker Swenja Wagner as a big influence on this project.

File Structure

This Project is structured in Code (mostly python2.7) and LaTeX.

Running our Program

If you want to truly understand what is happening and you speak german, you should be able to read our documentation, otherwise, as long as we haven’t written a english version of that, you probably have to reverse engineer our code.

The start point for our program is

Compiling documentation

cd Latex/Lernleistung
xelatex bll.tex
bibtex bll
xelatex bll.tex

This needs texlive or mktex to be installed as well as xetex or xelatex and bib(la)tex. You might be able to run another version of Latex, but I am only testing it to be compatible with xelatex.


If you want to contact me directly about this project, do so via GitHub. Otherwise please email me: Markus Becker