Generator für Geburtstagsgrafiken und WMS API. (Nicht mehr in Verwendung wegen Privatssphäreschutz)
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Automated Birthday Greetings

Generates birthday images based on exported XML.

Apewms Python Interface

This is the general usage:

import wmsapi
# general api instance
api = wmsapi.wmsapi("uname", "passw")                      # returns true if login is correct
api.newCycle("path/to/file", 5) # <num> is folder dir, to add image to
api.delLastCycle(5)             # deletes oldes img from folder <num>
api.getFolderSize(5)            # returns num of images in folder <num>

# kiddies api instance
kid = wmsapi.kiddies("uname", "passw")
# kid also contains a general api as kid.api